Annual Ohio Gourd Show

For Gourd Growers and Gourd Artists

  • October 2, 3 & 4
  • 2020 Delaware County Fairgrounds
    236 Pennsylvania Ave, Delaware, OH 43015









We’re Living the Gourd Life

Ohio Gourd Patches

Central Ohio
Meets near Columbus (TBA)

Contact Vikki Mustad or

West Central Ohio
Meets at Shawnee Prairie Park (Darke County)

Contact Celia Roberts

Start One
Gourd Patch Launch

Start a Gourd Patch near you. Meet, socialize, exchange plants, gourds, and art. Create special events like The Grand Illumination!

For Kids
Youth Program

OGS Youth Program is open to young people ages 5 to 18. $50 Award for successful completion of the program each year!

OGS provides opportunities for creativity, learning, community involvement and sharing of talents to people of all ages.

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It's Gourd O'Clock y'all. Is everyone OK? What are you working on? ... See MoreSee Less

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OK Everyone. If you've been on Facebook much lately, by now you have seen some version of a Bingo card come across your feed. So I thought I would join the fun and make an Ohio Gourd Show Bingo Card! Here it is; I hope you all can check a lot of boxes. ... See MoreSee Less

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Hi Everyone.
If you have not visited the Ohio Gourd Society web page lately, you might want to give it a look and see our recent upgrade at My favorite feature is the countdown (to the second!) till the Ohio Gourd Show in October. There are lots of folks to thank for this new website but a lot of credit surely goes to our Membership Secretary, Linda Rose, who recognized the need for the upgrade and worked to get this project across the finish line. Thanks also to Alice Foeller at Site Insight who took all the bits and pieces the board members sent and made a beautiful and functional website for OGS. And thanks to Lyn Rehm who maintained our old website for many years, keeping everyone informed about the Ohio Gourd Show, Spring Into Gourds at Franklin Park, the Ohio State Fair, OGS meetings and more, so we could get to this point. We all stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. We could not be contemplating our 58th annual show in 2020 if not for the work of our predecessors. There may be a few bugs to work out of the website, so if something does not seem to be working, the problem is not with your set! Thanks all, and be safe.
Christina Voise, OGS Show Chair
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Hi Everyone.
Sandy Sisson sent a message to the Ohio Gourd Society about her good friend, Jane Wilson. Jane passed away in March after a long illness. In fact, Jane was unable to attend the 2019 Ohio Gourd Show. I told Sandy I would post a message on our Facebook page to memorialize Jane. So Sandy emailed me a few photos and a brief message about her friend Jane. Here is her message and also photos of two of Jane’s award-winning entries at the Ohio Gourd Show from 2017 and 2018.

From Sandy Sisson:
Jane E. Wilson passed on March 17, 2020. She loved the way the Lord worked in her mind to create real looking animals and nativity scenes. She received multiple winning ribbons for her gourds.
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Dear Friends. We have another announcement. The Ohio Gourd Society spring meeting scheduled for April 11th at Franklin Park Conservatory, will be postponed. We do not yet have a new meeting date to share with you. But we will keep everyone posted. Thanks for your patience and for following the advice of medical experts who continue to ask us to stay home. ... See MoreSee Less

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The Ohio Gourd Society: Active and Social

We host meetings each year in addition to our signature event, The Ohio Gourd Show!

You can find us on Facebook, meet with your local gourd patch, start one of your own, get involved in our board or our youth program, or donate to support the work of our organization!

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