The Ohio Gourd Society, Inc. (OGS) was organized in 1946.  We are the Beta Chapter of the American Gourd Society, Inc.  We are an all-volunteer nonprofit organization dedicated to the education and promotion of gourds across the state of Ohio.  Our goal is to expand this exciting hobby while also expanding our Society.


Everything Gourds…..

WHAT WE DO:   The OGS provides opportunities for creativity and learning, community involvement, sharing of talents to people of all ages. 

  • We share information with each other and our communities through talks and demonstrations to groups and organizations within Ohio.
  • We encourage “Gourd Patch” groups to meet socially to share ideas and learn new techniques and complete a project.
  • The OGS sponsors an annual Gourd Show each Fall (first weekend in October) at the fairgrounds in Delaware, Ohio, gourd competitions and demonstrations each Summer at the Ohio State Fair, and an educational event each Spring at the Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus, Ohio.
  • We also sponsor a Youth Program, with the primary purpose to educate our next generation on the history and uses of gourds, to inspire them to grow and craft gourds, and to inform their peer about the joys of gourding!
  • We hold annual meetings for all members in the spring and fall of each year.
  • We keep our followers informed with Facebook, a website, and a quarterly newsletter for members.

Our Officers

Vikkie Mustad, President                         vmustad51@gmail.com

Judy Litzenberg, Treasurer                        jn.litzenberg@gmail.com

Nelson Litzenbery, Secretary                    jn.litzenberg@gmail.com

Teri Rideout, Membership                        trideout0823@gmail.com

John Martin, Advisor                                 Martin.jf.kl@frontier.com

Steve Murray, Historian                             njtarabians@gmail.com

Barbara Joy, Director                                barbarasuejoy@att.net

Anna Miller, Honorary Director

Open, Publicity

Open, Publicity Assistant

Open, Show Chair