2021 Final Workshop information version 2 with corrections

Changes and corrections:

  1.  Dinner reservations are due September 17, 2021.  No deadline was listed in the original Showbook.
  2.  Workshop clarification/correction:  Wavy Gourd Basket  (Leader: James Anspach) is scheduled 2 times: Friday afternoon (FPM) and Saturday afternoon (SPM).    In the Showbook, both Friday and Saturday workshops are listed as FPM.  Please contact Nelson Litzenberg if you wanted a Saturday workshop but may have selected FPM as directed in the Showbook.  jn.litzenberg@gmail.com. Nelson Litzenberg,  6863 Tucker Road,  Centerburg, OH  43011
  3. Wavy Gourd Basket (Friday afternoon, FPM) – is Full.  

2021 Ohio Gourd Show Workshops Overview

Skill Levels

Please note that workshop descriptions state the skill level required for each project. These are somewhat subjective, but are meant to guide workshop participants. The levels are:

B – This is a beginner level project, specifically designed for a person who is new to a technique or is not yet proficient in it.

I – Intermediate projects require that a participant be familiar with a particular technique and have basic skills in it. This workshop will benefit the artist who is interested in becoming more proficient.

A – Advanced projects require that a participant be familiar with a particular technique and be very comfortable with skills in it. This workshop will benefit the artist interested in fine-tuning proficiency.

All – All participants, regardless of training and experience, are welcome to join in the project. The leader is prepared to teach all of the skills required to complete the work.


OGS will collect all workshop fees in advance of the Show. Please use the reservation form. Participants must be aware that a workshop may be canceled if the class is too small. September 17, 2021 is the final date for advance registrations, changes or cancellations. Class sizes will be determined on that date. Finally, OGS reminds you that you must attend the workshop for which you are registered. You may not switch workshops at the Show.

Walk-in participants are welcome for those workshops having space remaining.

Reservations are recommended,