The Ohio Gourd Society is Proud to Introduce Workshop Leaders for the 2021 Ohio Gourd Show

 James Anspach – My wife and I joined the PA Gourd Society about 4 years ago because she wanted to learn about working on gourds.  I accompanied her to a class and learned how to weave a basket from instructor, Suzi Nonn.  Being recently retired, I took an interest in this craft and have been making baskets ever since, enjoying the variety of baskets and weaves.  It turned out a very relaxing pastime for me.  I’ve been encouraged to teach classes now and am moving in that direction this year.

 Christie DeLamater – Christie started Tole painting in the early 1970s and found she liked pen & ink, colored pencil and water color best.  She took many classes and then started teaching at a local shop and added some travel teaching.  A year and a half ago Christie saw a book on gourds and knew that she had to try this new canvas.  Now she is hooked on gourds and loves the various techniques one can do with gourds.

Miriam Fankhauser – Miriam has taught Native American culture and literature for several years at the university level.  She was taught to weave dream catchers by a Native American woman and given permission to do so.  Participating in powwows, she has made dream catchers since the early 2000s.    Miriam incorporates Native American music into the background of her workshops and will talk about Native American culture as questions or time allow.

Vikkie Mustad – Vikkie has been an active member of the Ohio Gourd Society since 2006 and is current editor of the Gourd Greetings Newsletter.   She is a self-taught gourd farmer, artist and instructor.  Vikkie loves learning and has traveled the world in search of unique gourd experiences.

Sheryl Scott – Sheryl started crafting gourds 28 years ago.  She and her husband Tim have been growing gourds commercially for 9 years, and are well known by the business name “Front Porch Gourds.”  For several years, Sheryl and Tim have been traveling to state gourd shows that are fairly close to their farm in Munfordville, KY.  They have a shop and warehouse for crafting gourds, selling gourds, and shipping orders.

Jane Weller – Jane lives on a farm in northwest Ohio and has always had an appreciation of nature and art.  She attended the Dayton Art Institute in the 70’s. Jane says, “I enjoy creating with gourds because of their natural beauty and versatility.”  She is skilled in many different techniques and her favorites include woodburning, designing, painting and cutting.  Her artwork includes jewelry, luminaries, bowls, and other functional, creative gourd art pieces.  Jane has been working with gourds for more than 15 years, and has exhibited gourd art, taught workshops, and won a number of gourd-related awards.

Debbie Wilson – Debbie is a retired art teacher who fell into gourds over twenty years ago.  Debbie says, “I love trying new things with gourds. I love to share what I can about gourds, whether it is speaking to groups or pushing the limits of a new media on gourds.  It’s all fun!”

Please join the OGS in thanking these talented artists for sharing their time and talents.

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