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The Ohio Gourd Society is Proud to Introduce Workshop Leaders for the 2021 Ohio Gourd Show:

Nancy Amburgey –

It began with going to a button convention and ended with an addiction to gourd art. Nancy Amburgey attended a button convention and there was a gourd show in the same city. One day at the gourd show and she was hooked. Nancy comes from a creative family – her grandmother, mother and siblings all have sewn, painted or been artisans in some manner. She has taught coiling at Christianson Native Craft Workshop in Missouri, at a weeklong camp, for several years. In addition, she has also taught at the Show-Me Gourd Festival in Missouri, the Gourd Gathering at Cherokee, NC, numerous gourd festivals including Georgia and Alabama, and most recently the Florida Gourd Festival. Her personal interests are varied and include woodburning, carving, coiling and weaving, to name a few. She finds it interesting to see how many different techniques can be used separately or merged on a common foundation – the gourd. In addition to teaching, Nancy enjoys taking classes and learning about techniques or processes that can be incorporated onto a gourd.

Nancy and John Chlpka –

Nancy and John live in western PA with their dogs and a flock of guinea fowl. Years ago John gave Nancy a gourd bowl as a gift……..ever hear of the gift that keeps on giving? Nancy and John say, “Developing our talents as gourd artists has afforded us the opportunity to travel, teach, create and meet amazing people along the way.”

Miriam Fankhauser –

Miriam has taught Native American culture and literature for several years at the university level. She was taught to weave dream catchers by a Native American woman and given permission to do so. Participating in powwows, she has made dream catchers since the early 2000s. Miriam incorporates Native American music into the background of her workshops and will talk about Native American culture as questions or time allow.

Candis James –

I am a wife, mother of three, grandmother of seven and NICU nurse. I’ve always enjoyed art for as long as I can remember. When I was in high school I was an advanced art major and enjoyed drawing and painting. As I got older, my love of art and crafting never faded. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed many hobbies: quilting, beading, jewelry making, drawing, and painting. I use natural stones for my rock art dotting and recently I have been dotting on gourds using the same techniques that I use on stones. I have found that dotting can be very relaxing and therapeutic. Dot art and mandala painting helps me to maintain a healthy balance in my life and I’m excited to share it with you.

Vikkie Mustad –

Vikkie has been an active member of the Ohio Gourd Society since 2006 and is current editor of the Gourd Greetings Newsletter. She is a self-taught gourd farmer, artist and instructor. Vikkie loves learning and has traveled the world in search of unique gourd experiences.

Linda Rose –

Linda says, “painting is a passion that is my lifeline. The more I paint, the more I am motivated; and it gives my life meaning and direction. I love sharing and learning all I can about Gourd Art.” Her education includes studying Fine Arts at OSU and taking numerous classes in oils and acrylics. As a member of Heart of Ohio Tole Painting (Hoot) Linda was introduced to painting gourds. She notes that “there are endless ways to decorate a gourd and soon I was wood burning, carving, and combining gourds to form animals and people. My husband, Noah, and I have six daughters and fifteen grandchildren. We are Florida snowbirds in the winter.”

Sheryl Scott –

Sheryl started crafting gourds 24 years ago. She and her husband Tim have been growing gourds commercially for five years, and are well known by the business name “Front Porch Gourds.” For several years, Sheryl and Tim have been traveling to state gourd shows that are fairly close to their farm in Munfordville, KY. They have a shop and warehouse for crafting gourds, selling gourds, and for shipping orders. Jane Weller – Jane lives on a farm in northwest Ohio and has always had an appreciation of nature and art. She attended the Dayton Art Institute in the 70’s. Jane says, “I enjoy creating with gourds because of their natural beauty and versatility.” She is skilled in many different techniques and her favorites include woodburning, designing, painting and cutting. Her artwork includes jewelry, luminaries, bowls, and other functional, creative gourd art pieces. Jane has been working with gourds for over 15 years, and has exhibited gourd art, taught workshops, and won a number of gourd-related awards.

Debbie Wilson –

As a Retired Greenville County Art teacher, a basket weaver and gourd artist for the last 18 years, and a wife, mother of three and grandmother of five, Debbie says, “my life is busy and wonderful. I like to experiment with different materials – especially naturals. I am taking classes in mixed media and water color, and incorporating these elements in my art. I am teaching presently at several gourd and basket retreats and am an active member of The Upper SC Basket Makers Guild, SC Gourd Society, Travelers Rest Artist Alliance, Wild Hare Gallery, The Birchwood Gallery and Henderson County Arts Council. I have juried into several local shows, including recently the Anderson Arts Center, Art on Main, in Hendersonville and The South Carolina Professional Fine Arts Show at the State Fair. I have taught at Furman University’s continuing education community classes, OLLI program, NCBA, SC Basket Makers Convention, Greenville Center for Creative Arts, The Hungry Drover monthly art classes, and private classes. More information can be found at” Please join the OGS in thanking these talented artists for sharing their skills.

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